How to get free followers on Twitter

How to get free followers on Twitter

Many companies and marketers have been How to get free followers on Twitterimplementing marketing campaigns on social networks because they want to gain product/service awareness through this targeted and lucrative form of traffic. But when it comes to gaining an abundance of Twitter followers, the process in itself can prove to be fairly difficult. Many people resort to buying Twitter followers and paying for sponsored tweets. But by making a few tweaks to your campaign, you can gradually build your list of followers for free.

1) 80 Percent Content, 20 Percent Pitch
One of the most effective ways you can gain more Twitter followers is by implementing the 80/20 rule. Many marketers make the mistake of tweeting advertisement related tweets without providing their followers with quality content, ultimately driving them away. By implementing the 80-20 or 80 percent value, 20 percent pitch technique, you are more likely to gain more followers. Because as opposed to just blasting them with sales pitches, you are actually catering to them by providing them with good content, which will heighten the chances of a re-tweet.

2)Tweet For Tweet Service
Another way you can gain Twitter followers for free is my making your account stand out as an authority account by starting of with a little help from tweet for tweet servicess. Simply said, an authority account is an account that has an abundance of followers under a specific niche. Their are several companies out there than will give you the opportunity to acquire free followers such as Mylikes. Even though these followers will be non active, they will boost your authority and make you stand out to your audience as being popular.

3) Peak Times
Millions of Tweets enter the Twitterverse on a daily basis, but people aren’t Tweeting 24/7. Based on your target audience, they are peak times when the more people from your targeted country tend to be online. For example, if your target audience is on the western side of the USA, you may see more activity on your tweets during the hours of 6PM-9PM as opposed to 3AM-6AM.

4) Send @ messages To Top Users
If you and an individual follow each other, How to get free followers on Twitteryou can message each other directly. But by using the phrase @message, you can message anyone and it will show up on you and that individual’s profile. If the individual feels the urge to re-tweet your message, it will be seen on their profile and by all of their followers who visit their page. The key to making this successful is to say something thoughtful about them, such as thanking a tweeter that has been Retweeting your tweets on a regular basis.

5) Capitalize On Retweeting Viral Content
One way you can boost the level of engagement you receive for some of your tweets is by capitalizing on viral videos, news and trends that’s under your particular niche. By doing this you are essentially demonstrating your point of view about a current event that many people will be ready to jump in and have a conversation on.

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Finding great wireless cell phone deals

Finding great wireless cell phone deals

The bargain hunting process for a new phone or wireless plan is usually a love and hate affair. You love the idea of snagging a great deal and lowering your monthly costs, but hate the idea of spending time researching and comparing prices from different companies-a frustrating experience to say the least. Finding great wireless cell phone deals Hopefully this advice can help. So where exactly do you go to find a great deal? That’s the million dollar question. And ideally, though we would like a one-stop-shop for all our deals, there really isn’t. No matter how you go about, a great deal on a cell phone, wireless plan, or both will require a bit of homework on your part. Online Vs. In-Person Deal Hunting Your local mall or shopping district is likely loaded with cell phone retailers, some being official company stores and others authorized dealers. In most cases, though not all, its a good idea to stay clear of the authorized dealers or small no-name electronic stores when shopping. This is because often times these dealers simply can’t afford to cut you a deal the same way a company store or website can. Finding great wireless cell phone deals But what they do offer though is instant gratification. In most cases there is no waiting for a package to be delivered or for an item to be in stock. One of their biggest advantages is being able to satisfy your desire to walk home with your new device, even if you’re not getting the best deal on it. Next to the authorized retailers are the actual company stores of the service provider. TMobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and many others have a official company stores throughout several regions. These stores are usually good for providing promotional items and can also cut a great deal with contracts and plan options. One benefit of shopping with them or making any in-store phone purchase for that matter, is that much of the paperwork (mainly for a new cell phone plan) is done by the sales person, taking some of the hassle off of you. Also your are more likely to have technical issues explained as well as iron out any problems you may experience with signing up or selecting the best phone. Lastly, shopping online through a company or third-party website will prove to be the most viable means of finding a cell phone deal. Simply because cell phone companies usually offer online-only discounts not available through their chain stores. Third-party sites may also be able to cut you a deal on an unlocked phone or provide free shipping on a purchase. Quick tips So if you decided to go the online route as most people do for your new cell phone purchase, here are a few quick tips to help jump start your journey: 1. Before you do anything, decide what types of services are important to you, what services you actually use based on your past phone history and how much you are willing to pay for a new device 2. Find out what providers offer the best coverage for your area 3. When shopping consider the price differences in paying outright for a phone through a provider, buying an unlocked phone from a third-party website, or financing a phone through a company And likewise, remember to keep a handle on promotional codes-a lot of them do actually work. Happy hunting!

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Top 5 Twitter Coupon Accounts

Top 5 Twitter Coupon Accounts

There are a lot of accounts that can be used to help people save money. Social media has actually helped millions of people that are interested in saving online. Twitter is a great source for people that want to find some discounts quickly. The top 5 twitter coupon accounts are listed below.

1. @RetailMeNot
Top 5 Twitter Coupon Accounts
There are a lot of people that are familiar with the RetailMeNot website. The Twitter feed is easier to follow than the website. There are more than 6,000 retailers that present coupons through this website. There are some coupons that are exclusive through RetailMeNot. Many people sign up to follow this account because there are some exclusive weekly deals. Consumers can save as much as 70% sometimes on certain deals. There are deals here for certain retailers for online and in-store purchases.

2. @CouponCabin
Top 5 Twitter Coupon Accounts
The great thing about this website is that the coupons are tested. Many people like this Twitter feed because the coupons are tested for 7 days. This means the coupons on this site are guaranteed to be valid. So many sites have coupons that are no longer working. A lot of people feel like they are wasting time on sites with coupons that may not work. With the Coupon Cabin twitter feed people can get deals on everything from restaurants to department stores.

3. @SlickDeals
Top 5 Twitter Coupon Accounts
People that are looking for constant deals will really appreciate the Slick Deals Twitter account. The good thing about Slick Deals is that there are lots of coupons posted throughout the day. This Twitter account gives people coupon codes for everything from motor oil to software applications. More than 100,000 people follow this Twitter account because it gives a lot of deal sharing ideas. One of the things that a lot of people like about Slick Deals is that this Twitter feed also provides codes on refurbished items.

4. @CheapStingy

This is a feed that has a lot of bargains for people that want some bargains on technology. Top 5 Twitter Coupon AccountsA lot of coupons are found here for things like speakers, hard drives and computers. Digital cameras and Internet Security software coupons are found on this sites on a regular basis. This is probably the best way to find some electronic deals on sites like New Egg and and Overstock.

5. @Coupons

The average person that searches for a coupon twitter account will find this Twitter account quickly. Coupons is one of the most common word searches for people that want to find deals online.
Top 5 Twitter Coupon Accounts
People can find deals on clothing and electronics, but the @Coupons account extends beyond retail stores. Consumers that are following this Twitter account will notice that there are also deals for travel as well. The coupons that are provided here are printable. This is one of the best Twitter feeds because there are daily updates. Many of the coupons that are listed on the website are for certain occasions. There are deals for back-to-school shopping. Some deals are also for certain holidays.

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5 Tips to Gain Popularity on Twitter

5 Tips to Gain Popularity on Twitter

Popularity on Twitter

Twitter is a social network that offers the opportunity to be popular with followers. You can reach a target audience. Twitter has many uses as a social networking site. Twitter offers a place to connect.5 Tips to Gain Popularity on Twitter Connect with new friends or to network with new colleagues. Twitter is not the place to simply dive into and start promoting a website in every tweet. It is a good idea to have a sense of balance when using Twitter. A good way to start gaining popularity on Twitter is to offer more personal tweets along with your updates on websites. This is the first tip offered in gaining popularity on Twitter. Do not send out daily tweets advertising because that is almost like talking at others. Offer a balance of Tweets along with your advertising. It is very possible to become a popular and influence many people on Twitter. It is also a great place to advertise. Determine first what you would like to use Twitter for. If you have many followers, that does not necessarily mean that you are popular. You can’t be popular by name only. To really be popular and have people notice you you will need to be balanced and also notice other people on Twitter.

Tips For Twitter

*Be a real human being on Twitter: If you come across as being genuine, you will prove to be trusted by followers. It is a good idea to also be interesting, along with showing an interest in others too.
5 Tips to Gain Popularity on Twitter *Good interaction will offer friendships:If you would truly like to be popular on Twitter, you should interact with others instead of interacting at others. Two way communication fosters good friendships/relationships. The important key to this would be to acknowledge others on Twitter.
*Offer Good Information: You will get re-tweeted, and become well known and will become established if you are offing information that others would like to know. Grab their attention.
*Slowly Build Popularity:Popularity will be built up through gaining a following and trust.If you are trustworthy, your tweets will get re-tweeted. This is a process not a race.
*Offer A “Thank You”: This is offering a reward to your followers. It is almost like a good customer service when you reward your followers. Offering a simple thank you is a common courtesy that makes others feel valued.

Twitter is a form of communication. You will be someone can be popular by simply being courteous on Twitter.

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